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VKAN-V is a pioneer in offering world class, interactive education to students all around the world. Our solutions bridge the gap between the students and the teachers and enable them to render meaningful education by way of appreciating Nature and understanding the human growth and development. With our story-based interactive education, kids grasp quickly and learn efficiently. Our education software seamlessly integrates all the processes and ensures effective learning.

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Dr. Vimala Britto is a unique and distinguished educationist with rich experience in imparting education with global standards for more three decades. She is a prolific writer and a globe trotter, who has visited the best educational institutions in the world, to identify modern global techniques, to enhance the curriculum and the pedagogy. Her vision for the world in general through the student community is embedded into the framework that is reflected in all the books of the series. She is a versatile genius with multi faced credentials with an aspiration to achieve, vision to transform and passion to empower.